Chemung Mine, California
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  In 1909 the Chemung mine was discovered a short distance from Masonic, and continued to operate until about 1938.
  On a return trip in 1998, the sky was cloudy with a little drizzle. We explored the Chemung Mine before continuing on to Masonic. This is the strangest mill we have ever seen, with various structures added and built out to create one weird compound unlike any mill we have ever explored.
  It has been said that the Chemung Mine has a poltergeist who is active on Saturday nights and chases away any explorers who happen to be there at that time.
  After we finished exploring Masonic we were driving back by the Chemung Mine when I noticed a small gray cloud floating towards the mill. I thought this would make for a great picture, so we stopped and I set up the camera on the tripod which has a "Bogen Ball Head" that locks onto the camera body. As I stood a couple of feet away from the camera waiting for the cloud to move into position, all of the sudden without warning the camera flew off of the tripod and crashed onto the ground into several pieces. I let out a "WHAT THE HELL" and a few other choice words and picked up the pieces and quickly jumped back into the car.
  As we drove away, I remembered the story about the ghost and realized that it was a Saturday night! Is the Chemung Mine haunted?, the Ghost Town Explorers think so.

Let's explore the Chemung Mine

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