Corona & Burro Mines, California

  The Rangers want us to believe that the Corona Mine was just a silver & gold mine hidden in a beautiful canyon with a flowing spring. But, we have got photographic proof that this site is actually a long lost brewery where they harvested both "Corona Light" & "Corona Dark".

 This site also contains the foundations of the 3-Stamp Gem Mill which was washed away in a flash flood in 1901. The Gem mine was discovered by Jack Currant who gave half interest in the mine to Ballarat storekeeper Charles Weaver in exchange for a 3-stamp mill. The Gem mill was run by a water wheel, the first for the Death Valley area. The mine started shipping several thousand dollars of bullion monthly in the winter of 1899-1900. Records show that in April 1899 Weaver filed a water claim to bring water into Jail Canyon via a 6" Dia. pipe.
  The Gem Mine went on later to become part of the Corona Mine. High above the canyon the Burro Mine is located.

Let's explore the Corona Mine

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