Desert Cabins, California

  When we are out exploring in the desert, we always seem to come across a remote cabin that is not really associated with any sizeable ghost town or mining camp. Usually these cabins are maintained by solely by the desert explorers who happen upon them.

Let's explore some desert cabins,

Cabin #1

  A fine place to retire to. AND no damn yard to mow!

  This is one of a few secluded desert cabins that you can stay at that is known only by a handful desert explorers who have stumbled upon it. I can only think of one nimrod who put it on the web by name. Hell, he doesn't even live in this state!

Cabin #2

  This is a really cool and well maintained desert cabin surrounded by mud hills.

The thing I will always remember about this trip; 

 The night we camped here, super high winds came in the middle of the night, and poor DezDan was sleeping outside on his cot next to the cabin with only a piece of plywood to shield the wind, while everybody else was either sleeping in there vehicles or the cabin. I can still remember the Cherokee rocking in the wind as I tried to sleep while Dan was getting blown to bits!

Cabin #3

  Ok Werner and Guy, I can understand driving for over 5 hours to get to the desert in order to get away from the wives and girlfriends. But why in the hell did we have to come to this cabin? 
  It's out in the middle of frick'n nowhere! THERE'S NOTHING HERE BUT FRICK'N JOSUHA TREES! 

  And...... to top it off, this cabin is built with railroad ties and is overrun with swarms of the dreaded Panamint Man Eating Mouse!

Forget this! I'm sleeping in the Cherokee!


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