One of the restored homes found in Forest City. Rather than bulldoze the structures at Forest City, the Tahoe National Forest auctioned off some the town's structures to the highest bidders. The rules here are strict and simple, the owner must keep the appearance of the building the way it was back in the 1800's.
  When we visited Forest City, it was interesting talking to the locals about some of the things I had read about Forest City. One of the locals talked to us (while holding his "weed-eater") about how he had to clear the weeds away from his house, but that the Forest Service would not allow them to use "weed-eaters", and how they were supposed to clear the weeds by hand.
  We talked about how some "mountain bikers" had bought one of the houses there and had plans of turning the old miner's trails and ditches into mountain bike trails.

  I read a story in a Grass Valley newspaper a while back about how one of the old homes was sold to some people from the Bay area who took and basically renovated it into a modern home. According to the Tahoe National Forest, the original structure was a total loss so they came in and bulldozed it.

  Behind the house in the picture is a pretty stream, one of the locals, "Peter" showed us a mine adit located in the stream.

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