Leadfield, California
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  Hey Dad, we told you not to take the Mercedes M-Class SUV down Titus Canyon!

  Lead was first discovered in Titus Canyon back in 1905 and a few claims were filed but were soon abandoned due to their remoteness.
  Now let's skip ahead to 1925, Western Lead Mines Company had accumulated about 50 claims in Titus Canyon and had bored a tunnel into a promising ledge. 24 hours after Western Lead hit the stock market 40,000 shares were sold and the Leadfield boom was on.
  The excitement really took off when in Feb. 1926 when oil promoter C.C. Julian bought into Western Lead Mines Company and became the primary stock holder and President. A road was built from Nevada to the town site. The main mine tunnel was over 600ft deep with up to 30% lead and 7 ounces of silver per ton.
  In March 1926 a specially chartered train pulled into Beatty with 340 potential investors aboard,  they were joined by others from Tonopah and Goldfield and a caravan of over 1000 people drove down to Leadfield.
  By now Leadfield had a newspaper, general store, barber shop, restaurant, the Leadfield Hotel, a post office, and plans for a Wal-Mart. Everybody was happy, except for the California State Corporation Commission.
  The commission claimed Julian was selling stocks without a permit, but it was argued that Julian was selling personal stock, which didn't require a permit.
  Just as things were going gangbusters at Leadfield, the commission put a stop to Julian selling his mining company's stock. This happened just as the company hit the ore it was looking for, but this turned out to be low-grade ore. The company did not get a chance to search for higher grade ore.

  History has blamed Julian for Leadfield's boom and bust, but Julian did not start Leadfield, and his business was never proved to be illegal. There is good lead-ore at Leadfield, but whether it was good enough to recover is debatable.

  C.C. Julian later pulled off some scams in Arizona and Oklahoma before he fled to Shanghai where he committed suicide in 1933.

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