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  This is the lower Modoc Mine tunnel on the east side of Lookout Mountain. It had been decided to move the furnaces down from the top of Lookout Mountain to the valley below. So a tunnel was dug to intersect the main ore body of the Modoc shaft on top of the mountain. After 400 feet of digging, a blind ledge was encountered, which in turn yielded 350 tons of rich ore.
  In order to speed the digging of the tunnel, an automatic Ingersoll drill and steam powered compressor were brought in, this allowed the miners to drill the holes for the blasting powder much faster than they could by hand. In 1878 a grand party was thrown at Lookout and featured a trip down to this tunnel to demonstrate the new-fangled equipment. This was the first use of this type of machine drill in Inyo County, and the relics of the compressor are still to be found at the opening of this Mine.

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