Mission (Impossible) Mine, California


Very cool old crane.


No way to start it, the starter uses compressed air.


Desert Dog John suits up to explore the lower levels of the mine.


Ok good, John is deep down in the mine, lets steal his battery and some gas from his Bronco to start the engines.


Aaron keeps an eye out.

Ok, Diesel powered compressor to the left.
Diesel fuel tanks in the center.
Building to the right has 2 huge diesel engines, a V8 that puts out 480VAC for the mill, a 6 that puts out 500V @ 500Amps for the Elevator,
and a small 3 cylinder engine that powers a 220V/110V generator to power the lights and conveyor belts.


Cool theres diesel fuel in the storage tanks.


Huge Air Compressor for the mine. large 6 cyl diesel, uses a small gas engine to get it started.
We first have to get that small gas engine running.

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