Mission (Impossible) Mine, California


After getting the "starter gas engine running, we throw a lever and the huge diesel engine roars to life !
We throw another lever and the Air Compressor engages and starts sending air down into the mine.
The guys down below in the mine, "What the Hell's going on up there? the air pipes in the mine are hissing and shooting out air !
Shut that damn thing off !!"


Inside the Power House.
A huge diesel V8 that supplys 480VAC to the mill
A huge 6 cyl diesel that provides 500VDC @ 500 Amps to the mine elevator, and
a small 220/110V generator connected to a 3cyl diesel engine.
Let's get to work!


I think we will save this here huge V8 for another day.


Panel for the 500VDC generator for the mine elevator.
Now, we have to get this running !


Desert Dog Doug is getting ready to decend into the mine.
Good cause we are going to need his battery to start that big 6 cyl.


Oh look, lets see if we can get this tractor started, the keys are in the ignition.
You spray some starting spray in the carb, and I'll try cranking it.


DAMN !!! It runs, but it appears that puddle under it is all the hydraulic fluid, so theres no safe way to drive this thing.


Hi, this is Desert Dog Doug, you deliver? oh good, we would like a large meat lovers......
(hey why is the hood open on my jeep in the background, and just where is my battery?)

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