The Ophir Mine, California

  The Alleghany Mining District is dotted with old mines, some long since abandoned, others awaiting to be reborn. The Ophir Mine, located on Kanaka Creek is named after the "biblical land of gold", thus a pretty popular name for a mine. Kanaka Creek can be found on maps dating back to 1857. "Kanaka" was a common destination for a native of the Hawaiian Islands. Sailors from Hawaii (called "Kanakas") who jumped ship in San Francisco and mined in this area in 1852 are the source of the name of this creek that flows into the middle fork of the Yuba River.

  The Ophir Quartz Mine shows up in 1885 with Wood and Williams as the owners, then again in 1932 with H. G. Ferguson and R. W. Gannett as the owners. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much else in the books concerning this historic mine.

Let's explore The Ophir Mine

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