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  This Stagecoach ran between Panamint City and San Bernardino from 1874 and 1888. Three stage lines were said to service Panamint City. Because of the extreme conditions in Surprise Canyon the following modifications were made to these Stagecoaches:

1. 31" BF Goodrich tires on the front and 33" on the back.
2. Dana 35 axle on the front followed by a Dana 44 on the rear.
3. Air Lockers on both the front and rear.
4. Warn Hub's on the front.
5. Teraflex suspension and a 8" lift.
6. A softtop by Besttop.
7.And to top it off, a roof rack by Comfer.
8.A bumper sticker on the rear that read: "Sierra Club kiss my Axle!".

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