The Panamint Pomegranate Mine

  The fabled long lost Panamint Pomegranate Mine was recently discovered by the Ghost Town Explorers. During the 1870's miners roamed the Panamint Mountains looking for gold and silver.
  Abandoned mines can be found all over the Panamint's as a testimony to their labors. One miner by the name of Pomegranate Pete was out searching for gold when he found a Pomegranate Mine in the Panamints. He quickly staked a claim and named the fruit bearing mine after himself.
  One day, on his way to get pie making supplies at the nearby town of Shermantown in Panamint Valley, he was attacked by a roaming band of wild "Panamint Burros". He was kicked in the head by a punk burro by the name of Maude, this caused him to forget where his Pomegranate Mine was. Clutching the fruit basket he had "formed" with pomegranates and figs from his mine, Pete was somehow able to escape from the band of wild burros. 
  Locals in Shermantown were shown the fruit basket and were excited to find that it contained almost 99% pure pomegranates! This set off a rush of miners in search of the lost Panamint Pomegranate Mine. The mine was never found, until recently by the Ghost Town Explorers.

  The long lost Pomegranate Mine sits undisturbed in a secret canyon.

  The Ghost Town Explorers patiently await a Panamint pomegranate pie.

  A Pomegranate storage vault.

  The "Fruit Stand" where Pomegranate Pete planned to profit from pomegranates.

  BUSTED! A Panamint Pomegranate pickpocket finds himself in a pickle at the Panamint Pomegranate Mine after getting caught pilfering Panamint Pomegranates.

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