The Ruby Tuesday Drift Mine, California

  While out mine exploring in Sierra's, we came across the massive Ruby Tuesday Active Mine complex, we would like to thank Larry (one of the owners of the Ruby Tuesday Drift Mine) for showing us around.

  The Ruby Tuesday Drift Mine dates back to 1868 and is located on a major tributary of the Tertiary Yuba River, commonly known as the "Great Blue Lead" or "Forest Channel". According to a 1903 mining report, the main mine adit tunnels over 5000 feet into the ancient river channel buried 600 feet below a lava cap. Larry told us how after about a mile the mine hits a fork and continues each way for almost another mile.

  During the 1930's quite a few fist sized nuggets were found in the Ruby Tuesday Mine, the largest weighed in at more than 52 ounces and would be valued at over $20,000 at today's prices. The mine is said to have produced well over a $1,000,000 in gold in it's heyday.

  The LA County Natural History Museum has 159 gold nuggets from the mine on display in their Native Gold Exhibit in the E. Hadley Stuart Jr. Hall of Gems and Minerals. If the thought of going to LA makes you sick, the Downieville Museum has a replica of these nuggets on display.

Let's explore The Ruby Tuesday Drift Mine

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