Volcano, California

  Volcano has got to be one of the Mother Lode's most picturesque towns. The town is named for it's setting in a bowl-shaped valley which early miners thought was caused by a volcano. The town dates back to the late 1850's and was originally nicknamed "Crater City".
  It is said that in 1849 one miner took out 8 thousand dollars worth of gold in a few days! Another got 28 pounds in a single pocket.

  In 1851 a post office was established and by April 1852 there were 300 houses, and by 1853 there were 11 stores, 6 hotels, 3 bakeries, and 3 saloons. In 1858 two mills with 8-stamps and six arrastres were in operation. Hydraulic operations began in 1855 and by 1867 most of the mining operations were idle.

  Since Volcano is not located on highway 49, it has escaped much of the commercialization that we see on 49, with many of it's buildings dating back to the 1850's Volcano is a must see!

Let's explore Volcano

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