Off to our next adventure, in search of the Heck-R-We Indians of Death Valley. Was this lost Death Valley Indian tribe skilled at canyoneering and Vampire hunting? Grab a rope and join us as we seek the answer on this mis-adventure.


Lets start off by heading up Placebo Canyon.


Oh Great! That print is either a Mountain Lion or the Panamint Desert Bear! We're gonna die!


Oh look a cave, an Indian Port-A-Teepee.


WOODEN SPIKES !! Proof positive that the Heck-R-We Indians were Vampire Hunters !


Ew Gross, we found petrified fish eyes !


Lets climb up Placebo Canyon.


Oh Great, right off the bat, our 1st drop, its 80+ ft!
 And just what do you mean by "repel off a Dead-Man-Anchor"?
We're gonna Die !

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