The Italian Fish Pizza Mine

  This silver mine was discovered by Italian immigrant brothers back in the summer of 1875.
The silver ore pockets required no milling and the discovery was thought to be the fabled "Lost Gunsight Mine" that a 49ers party had stumbled upon back in 1849.
  The miner brothers did pretty well, in 1876 they sold their claims for $70,000, at least $30,000 of that was in cash!

  Rumors have it that they returned to Italy and opened a chain of pizza take outs. 


Found this beautiful hidden brass plaque that honors the Italian miners who discovered this site.


Looking back down after hiking 13 miles with over 5000 feet of elevation gain.


Oh look, what's that over there?


Italian miners cabin and shelter.


This was a much bigger cabin, wonder if it was the Pizzeria? 


Could you imagine stacking these rocks & cooking pizzas in 100+ degree heat?


The Take-Out order window.

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