Model "A" automobiles on San Lucas Canyon Road in 1931.

  Could it be that when the miners of Cerro Gordo discovered that natural hot springs existed in Saline Valley, they built a route (less the Environmental Impact Studies) to access Saline Valley via the Nelson Range?

  The warm flowing pools of Saline Valley were rumored to have the properties of the "Fountain Of Youth".  This rumor along with the fact that the miners of Cerro Gordo really needed a bath may have led to the hasty construction of this first road from Cerro Gordo to Saline Valley.

  Today when you visit the hot springs of Saline Valley, you may see old Desert Rats wondering around half naked with only tee shirts on hanging out at the pools.

  Could it be that these old farts are actually miners who fled Cerro Gordo back in the 1870's and discovered the "Fountain Of Youth" at the Hot Springs of Saline Valley?

Join us as we explore the long lost San Lucas Canyon Road;

1931 Survey Party on their way to Saline Valley,
caption on the photo reads; "Hey is this the way to the Saline Valley Hot Springs?"

Landslides on the upper road, the lower road is completely buried. Looks like Mother Nature really didn't want a road through this canyon.

Let's continue our hike on the San Lucas Canyon Road to Saline Valley,

Thanks for exploring another of California's historic back roads with us.