Lookout City to Darwin Road, California

 Old Miner's cabin.

  Back in the 1870's and 1880's Lookout City and Darwin were alive with mining activity. We set out in the Argus Mountains to find and hike the old road that connected these two mining towns.
  Along the way we found an impressive road built by the Chinese using hand packed rocks (these same guys may have worked on Remi Nadeau's Panamint Valley Shotgun Road). Along the road we also found a few small mining prospects. 
  We discovered 2 springs, one of which supplied the water to the town of Lookout City and the other which we found in a crack was named after Jack Gunn, who owned a saloon in Lookout City and went on to own the Minnietta Mine.

Let's take a hike up the old Lookout City to Darwin road

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