The Mojave Road
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For 220 miles from the ruins of Fort Mojave on the banks of the Colorado River to Camp Cady (now detours through Afton Canyon) runs the Mojave Road. During the period of 1860-1880 the road served travelers heading west. Four Army forts including Fort Piute, and Camp Marl Springs were setup along the route at water sources to protect travelers from Indian attacks. Historian Dennis Casebier researched and walked the entire route, and now conducts periodic guided lectures over the Mojave Road. The road was restored by the volunteer work of the "Friends of the Mojave Road" led by Dennis. The "Friends" are located at Goffs in the East Mojave, where researchers may come to pour over vast amounts of historical information about this area. Dennis's current pet projects include the restoration of the Goffs school house and the building of a stamp mill. The "Friends of the Mojave Road" are truly a group of people who love and respect the desert.

Let's explore the Mojave Road

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