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  GIANT FISH WORSHIPERS! It's true. The Ghost Town Explorers have found that Berlin was once inhabited by a population of fish worshipers. They even built large shrines to pay homage to the giant fish. Actually Berlin was a silver mining town that dates back to the 1890's. Ichthyosaur (fish lizard) fossils from over 200 million years ago were first found by miners in the 1860's and extensive excavation work started in the 1950's. Berlin is  now known as the Berlin/Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada.

  The first mining activity in the region began in May 1863 when prospectors discovered silver in Union Canyon and the small mining camp of Union was established. By 1864 the Union Mining District was formed, which included the towns of Union, Ione, Grantsville, and later, Berlin. In 1896 the Berlin Mine was established, this mine and numerous surrounding mining claims were bought up in 1898, and the town of Berlin was soon in its heyday until 1908, then declined to its death by 1911.

  With the rise of Berlin the old town of Union, a mile to the east, was revived and it's old buildings were used by the Berlin miners. During its peak, Berlin and its Union suburbs were home to 200-250 people including miners, woodcutters, charcoal makers, a doctor and nurse, a forest ranger and a prostitute (bet she was busy). Buildings included a 30-stamp mill, assay office, barn and corrals, union hall, store and post office, infirmary, stage station and homes. Many of these buildings still remain. There is a small cemetery below the town of Berlin.

  The Berlin Mine was an incline shaft with eight levels. The total production of its three miles of tunnels is estimated to have been around $849,000 at the time.  The Berlin Mill (which can still be seen today) processed the ore by crusher, stamps, amalgamation, and concentrating tables.
The mill fell silent in 1909 and was stripped during WWII.

Lets explore Berlin

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