Ophir Canyon AKA Toiyabe City AKA Twin River, NV.
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Ruins of the 20-stamp Murphy Mill completed in 1866.

   I can't believe it, we ran out of film while exploring this area. This is a really pretty canyon with trees and a flowing stream. The stream crosses the road in the canyon about 10 times. When the road was built back in the 1860's nine bridges were built over the stream. We explored the canyon by taking the road all the way up the mountain and out of the canyon which gave us a great view of the canyon.
  Silver ore was first found in Ophir Canyon about 1863, with the Murphy Mine and mill following in 1864. The mine was active from 1864-1868 and again from 1875-1890. Ophir City had a population of around 400 and had a post office, a good sized business district and several lodges, but no Jeep dealership.

Let's explore Ophir Canyon AKA Toiyabe City AKA Twin River

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