Pine Grove, Nevada
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This building, half buried, balcony is long gone, was likely a boarding house, dates to the 1870's.

  As late as 1969 there were at least 3 other buildings near this one, thanks to vandals, they are no longer standing.
  Gold bearing rock was found in 1866 by William Wilson. Another mine called the Wheeler was started soon after. The ore was gold with small amounts of silver. By 1893 the Wilson Mine had produced $5,000,000 and the Wheeler $3,000,000.
  By the early 1870's the population reached 600 and the camp contained 5 saloons, 3 hotels, hardware store, general merchandise stores, dance hall, Wells Fargo agent, blacksmiths shop, school, and 2 doctors office's.
  Pine Grove also served as a regional supply center for local ranchers until the later part of the decade, when the mines began to decline.

Let's explore Pine Grove

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