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  This stage ran twice a week between Rhyolite Nevada and Skidoo California in 1907. The trip was 56 miles long and ran over very rough roads and the sand dunes in Death Valley. Because of the terrain this stage had to transverse, special modifications were made to the Stage Coach:

6 "Horse Power".
31" BF Goodrich A/T steel belted tires on the front followed by 33" on the rear.
A 8" Rancho Lift Kit with Biltstien gas shocks.
Warn manual hubs on the front
A Detroit Air Locker installed in a Dana 44 rear end.
The roof of the stage doubled as a "sand ladder" if the stage happened to get stuck in the sand.
And to top it all off, a bumper sticker of a boy peeing on a "Ford emblem".

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