Simon, Nevada

 John explores the first shaft we found.

  The Simon Mine was discovered in 1879 and small amounts of lead ore were shipped out. The mine did not really take off until 1919 when silver-bearing lead-zinc ores were discovered. That same year a post office was established at the townsite.

  In 1921 the Simon Silver-Lead Mines Company built a 150 Ton floatation mill at the mine and in 1293 the mill was enlarged to handle 250 tons per day, this mill continued to operate till 1927. The Simon Mine was a 3 compartment 800 foot vertical shaft that had a winze that went another 200 feet making the total depth over 1000 feet. The mine has a total undergound workings in the neighborhood of 25,000 feet!

  The Simon Mine was reworked in the 1930's and in 1931 there was a power failure for 18 hours in the Mineral County Power System that caused the mine to flood. While the power was out the water was able to rise to the top of the 1000ft level, drowning out the pumps and short-circuiting the motor in spite of efforts to raise it as high as possible. The mining company was not able to regain the use of this level of the mine. 

Let's explore Simon

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