Tybo, Nevada
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The Post Office (left) and Trowbridge's General Store constructed in the 1870's.

  Tybo got it's start in 1866 when an Indian led white men to ore discoveries he had made there. Development happened very quickly and with the discovery of the 2-G lode in 1871, a smelter was erected the following year. Tybo started out as a nice quite community (like Irvine California). But as Tybo grew so did it's problems. With Tybo's population composed of Central Europeans, Irish, and Cornish, racial problems were sure to follow. Hot words, fists, knife blades, and gunfights led to many of the nameless graves in the cemetery.
  Tybo's racial problems peaked in 1876 when charcoal burners contracted to supply charcoal to the town's smelters hired Chinese workers to perform the labor of cutting the wood and firing the charcoal kilns. Angered by the influx of Chinese, the whites put aside their own racial squabbling and united against the Chinese.
  Meeting in the local saloons, and fired up by liquor and mob strength, a pack of whites stormed the sleeping camp of  the Chinese workers and with bullwhips cracking and guns firing, they sent the Chinese scouring into the local hills. The charcoal contractors rounded up the Chinese and had them resume their work under the protection of armed guards. That nightfall brought about 200 miners back to the camp, but they lost some of their momentum, and resolved "not to be rash or resort to violence", and gave the contractors 24 hours to get rid of the Chinese.

Let's explore Tybo

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